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a refund if it turns out to be a scam
or its token price drops
to lower than its ICO price level

Full transparency. More trust. Fewer risks.

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How it works

1The project creates its road map on the W12 platform, and sets the settings for the number and % of funds required for each stage.
2The project releases its simple ICO tokens on the W12 platform or transfers part of the emission of its simple ICO tokens to be released independently via the smart contract of the W12 platform.
3The W12 blockchain protocol issues secured project tokens in equal number to the amount of simple ICO tokens it has received.
4W12 platform users can buy secured tokens of ICO projects they like. All secured ICO tokens are backed by token buyer funds.
5All funds raised are locked-up in a smart contract and will be released to the project only following the decision of token buyers once it has completed its road map milestones.
6After purchasing secured ICO project tokens, the user can:
  • exchange them for simple ICO project tokens via the W12 token-changer and sell them on the listed exchange
  • receive a refund if the project fails to reach any of its road map milestones, or if the token price drops lower than its ICO level

We have built smart contracts that release ICO funds to the project only following the decision of its token buyers once the project meets its milestones

This solution improves returns up to 87* times, because it is protects tokens buyers from 96% of projects that unfortunately fail


* Please see detailed calculation of returns in W12 Whitepaper

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What problems do we solve?

  • Scams
  • Losing funds due to the huge amount of failed ICO projects

According to research by the Satis group published on statistics, 81% of ICO projects are scams and only 3.8% of all ICO projects are successful. Drawing a parallel with the ICO market size, this totals more than 4 billion dollars of lost funds that could be saved and invested into growing projects.

W12 token utility

  • The W12 token is used for storage of funds raised by projects on the platform.
  • Projects independently choose which cryptocurrency raised funds will be stored in. The more W12 tokens used to store funds the lower the platform commission the project pays. By offering a high proportion of secured tokens, projects have a better chance of raising their required funds due to the security they offer to their investors.

    The W12 token can be used for storage of funds raised in any cryptocurrency, as our platform automatically uses exchanges to convert any accepted cryptocurrency into W12 tokens. For example; If token buyers send 40% Ether, 30% Bitcoin and 30% Litecoin, but the project wants their funds secured as 20% Ether, 40% Bitcoin and 40% W12 tokens, then our system will automatically convert these funds using an exchange. The more secured tokens sold on our platform, the more W12 tokens will be purchased from exchange for storage of these funds.

  • W12 tokens allow users to buy the tokens of any ICO project listed on the W12 platform
  • W12 tokens are used as payment for services on the platform
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Advantages of participating
in the W12 ICO

By purchasing W12 tokens at the ICO stage you get access to tokens of hundreds of other ICO projects for free

By purchasing W12 tokens during our ICO you receive a premium account for free, granting you access to hundreds of other projects that launch their ICOs on the W12 platform. In addition to this, 50% of token commission received from each applicable ICO will be distributed to premium account holders. Premium accounts will be valid for 2 years. After 2 years, renewal is possible.

Terms and conditions for additional bonuses

Account type bronze silver gold platinum diamond
Purchase during the pre-sale stage from: 3 ETH 10 ETH 30 ETH 100 ETH 300 ETH
Purchase during the crowd-sale stage from: 4.5 ETH 15 ETH 45 ETH 150 ETH 450 ETH
Number of tokens (dependent on account level): 1X 3,3X 10X 33,3X 100X
Participation in the private pre-sale 5 th 4 th 3 rd 2 nd 1 st
W12 Foundation bronze silver gold platinum diamond
Number of accounts available 1350 450 150 50 12
Purchase in pre-sale stage from: Purchase during the crowd-sale stage from: Number of tokens (dependent on account level): Participation in the private pre-sale W12 Foundation Number of accounts available
bronze 3 ETH 4.5 ETH 1X 5 th bronze 1350
silver 10 ETH 15 ETH 3,3X 4 th silver 450
gold 30 ETH 45 ETH 10X 3 rd gold 150
platinum 100 ETH 150 ETH 33,3X 2 nd platinum 50
diamond 300 ETH 450 ETH 100X 1 st diamond 12

Premium account holders also receive access to the private pre-sales of ICO projects using the W12 platform and can participate in the W12 Foundation.

These advantages are not provided if users purchase W12 tokens on an exchange or from any other third-party resources.

W12 token distribution
Token lockup period:

Tokens frozen by a smart contract for 2 years, with the possibility of issuing no more than 1/3 of this per year to:
- Team, advisers, founders
- Reserve fund
- Early long-term investors

Token price:

1 W12 = 0,00035 ETH. Discounts apply depending on the date of purchase.

Accepted forms of payment:


Token transfer:

W12 tokens will be transferred to customers through a smart contract after the end of each ICO stage. You can view the accrued tokens and confirmation of the transaction in your account immediately after purchase

Token emission:

Limited to 400 million tokens. Neither mining, nor any other method that allows for an increase in the number of W12 tokens can be applied.

Hard Cap:

The Hard cap is set in the number of tokens on each round of the token sale


20 million tokens (5,000 ETH)

Crowd sale:

80 million tokens (25,000 ETH)


All token sale rounds start at 12:00 p.m. UTC+0.



May 20, 2018

End date:

July 20, 2018



Token price:

0,0002625 ETH - 0,0002975 ETH

Hard cap:

20 million W12 tokens

Amount of fees:

5250 ETH - 5950 ETH (depending on the discount)



July 27, 2018

End date:

September 27, 2018



Token price:

0,000315 ETH - 0,00035 ETH

Hard cap:

80 million W12 tokens

Amount of fees:

25,000 ETH

At the Pre-Sale and Crowd-sale stages, the purchase price of a token is uniformly increased daily and corresponds to the discount amount at the beginning and end of a stage. W12 reserves the right to offer a reduced price for W12 tokens to long-term institutional and strategic token buyers.

Token Sale


From November 1, 2018

Every day a smart contract will produce and sell 140,000 tokens (0.035% of the total issue) for 1,000 days. The token value during the token sale will be determined using the formula Price = K / 140,000, where K = the amount of funds transferred to the smart contract per day. The token sale is conducted to ensure that the W12 platform and the W12 blockchain protocol functions correctly, so as to exclude situations where there are no W12 token sellers, or a token’s value rises to infinity, or when the maximum number of private investors are attracted to the platform.

Current distribution volume
Our team
Oleg Sharpatiy
COO & Founder
Andrey Granovskiy
CEO & Founder
Michael Korneev
David Kuhl
Business Development Director, Zürich, Switzerland
Aleksandr Tikhonov
Head of marketing
Ibrahim Tletseri
Art director
Nelly Pankovichenko
IR and business development
Margarita Trifonova
Head of ICO projects department.
Maria Zhirkova
Head of Sales
Savilya Akhmedova
Business development
Artur Potemkin
HR specialist
Rodion Nikiforov
IT specialist
Our advisors
Anders Larsson
Blockchain & Tehnical Advisor (Vice President of Ericsson. Included in the world's top 5 blockchain advisors)
Joakim Holmer
Marketing, branding & Business development Advisor (AllcoinWiki founder. Ex Ericsson top executive)
Our partners
Road map of the project
Quarter IV, 2017
  • Customer development, market research and project development
  • Team meeting
  • Development of platform architecture
  • Terms of Reference and marketplace enter development.
Quarter I, 2018
  • Release of W12 marketplace alpha
  • Terms of Reference development continues and W12 blockchain protocol prototype enters development.
  • +100 projects will be added to the W12 marketplace.
  • Creation of the project rating system and token metrics
  • Creation of the token buyer training scheme.
  • Creation of the the W12 token sale landing page
  • Company registration in Singapore
  • Creating the project community
Quarter II, 2018
  • Registering W12 token buyers as Whitelist participants.
  • Launching PR campaigns for the marketplace and W12 private token sale.
  • Implementing the private pre-sale of W12 tokens
  • Development of the W12 blockchain protocol for issuance and sale of project tokens (with a phased disbursement of funds):
    • smart card templates for issuing tokens by projects
    • DAO project fund with the possibility of voting by the token buyers
    • web interface on W12 marketplace for projects to fill in the parameters of their crowdsale
    • blockchain transaction confirmation service (BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, ETC.)
  • W12 marketplace testing
  • Projects begin having ratings assigned to them by users.
  • Launching full Sandbox service, where projects can share tokens with experts in early stages in exchange for assistance improving project token metrics.
  • Creation and A/B testing of high-converting landing pages for token buyers and project registration on the platform
  • Add at least 300 projects to the marketplace
Quarter III, 2018
  • Launch and conduct W12 crowd-sale.
  • Token listing on exchanges.
  • Development of additional features of The W12 protocol, including;
    • selling secured ICO projects tokens
    • adding more cryptocurrencies for use when buying project tokens
    • automation tool to deploy smart contracts for the Ethereum blockchain
  • Testing of the W12 blockchain protocol.
  • Audit of the W12 blockchain protocol.
  • Audit of the W12 platform security system.
  • Developing additional functionality for the W12 marketplace, adding pay services for projects.
  • Start of mobile marketplace application development for Android and iOS.
  • Launch of W12 token-changer
  • Advertising and PR campaigns for the projects in W12 marketplace
  • Architecture development and Terms of Reference development for an DEX
  • Partner agreements with private experts and rating agencies for scoring the platform projects.
Quarter IV, 2018
  • Begin development of a decentralised exchange to provide liquidity, and a free token listing to projects that completed their ICO on the W12 platform
  • Begin development of a cross-blockchain integration for the W12 platform with EOS, NEO, Cardano and IOST
  • Launch the fully functional W12 blockchain protocol and W12 token-changer
  • Launch a service for buying ETH using fiat currencies (to further allow purchase of project tokens with ETH.)
  • Advertising and PR campaigns for the marketplace and mobile app.
Quarters I and II, 2019
  • Organization of a series of conferences and events all over the world to attract token buyers and projects.
  • Launching a service for buying major cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies.
  • Second stage of development of a cross-blockchain integration for W12 platform with EOS, NEO, Cardano and IOST.
  • Launching a scoring system to determine expert’s voting power by the results of his projections and the real increase in the price of the token.
  • Launching full Sandbox service, where projects can share tokens with experts in early stages and experts can improve projects token metrics and been rewarded in tokens.
  • Mobile application security audit.
  • Release of a full-featured mobile marketplace application.
  • Signing partner agreements with cryptocurrency exchanges to provide liquidity for ICO projects and auto-listing for top projects.
  • Advertising and PR campaigns for the marketplace and mobile app.
Quarter III, 2019
  • Full release of cross-blockchain integration of the W12 platform with TOP smart-contracts blockchain solutions. Development for atomic swaps begins.
  • Organizing a series of world-wide conferences and events to attract token buyers and projects to the platform
  • Advertising and PR campaign of the marketplace, the mobile application, cross-blockchain platform.

Real-life applications

By creating a technology that allows for the tokenization of any project, we allow the hundreds of thousands of projects worldwide to obtain decentralized capital, full of trust and transparency.
This model promotes the growth of valuable products, and the creation of disruptive technologies fit for the new millennium by incentivising quality, growth and trust.

Launch a blockchain start up
Begin a fundraising campaign for real estate development
Create a green environmental infrastructure project

Advantages for projects

Fully automated

All smart contracts on the W12 platform are fully automated. The deployment of a smart contract and the release of a new token does not require any specialist technical knowledge from the project.

No initial costs

Fundraising for projects through backed W-tokens has no initial costs. The number of W12 tokens consumed as fuel for the whole W12 ecosystem will be reduced as more W12 tokens are used in the reserve of each backed token.

Any source of funds

Projects can issue secured W-tokens for a full fundraising campaign or use them as an additional source of funds, and attract the remaining funds in any other way. No matter what the project chooses, the amount of W-tokens is always equal the amount of simple project tokens in our reserve.


A new generation of protected tokens

Less risks

All funds received from the sale of project tokens on the W12 platform are locked up in a smart contract, and the project only gets access to them after executing the milestones from the road map. This model is not suitable for scam projects as these will want access to all received funds immediately.

More trust

The W12 blockchain protocol issues a new generation of secured tokens for each project. The ICO project tokens released by the W12 protocol are backed by funds provided by token buyers. These tokens are easily convertible to simple ICO project tokens or to unspent investment funds at the time of each project's milestones.

Full transparency

The amount of secured project tokens in circulation always matches our reserves of the simple ICO project tokens. Our code is open source, so you can always use etherscan or any other tools to check the correlation between the amount of backed tokens to simple ICO project tokens.

of ABC-W
of ABC


Project ABC launches its ICO using the W12 model. On the W12 platform you can buy ABC-W tokens and exchange them at any time to simple ABC tokens or unspent amounts of the invested funds through the W12 token-changer.

Available exchange options:

ABC-W token ABC token
ABC-W tokenunspent
of funds
ABC-W tokencrypto
MVP and product

Development of the W12 platform started in October 2017. Our code is available in our GitHub account.

Very soon, everybody will be able to participate in the ICO of hundreds of projects with lower risk, and higher returns using W12 technology.

w12 4.7 of 5
w12 4.4 of 5
w12 8.6 of 10
w12 7.5 of 10
w12 4.4 of 5
w12 4.93 of 5
News and publications
March 28, 2018
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February 19, 2018
Don’t believe the hype. The five largest “ICO exit scams”: Expert Take
January 15, 2018
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December 21, 2017
mass media
From Gibraltar to Australia: How Countries Approach ICOs
Where can you find our representatives?
03/03/2018 - 03/06/2018
d10e Seoul
Event location: Seoul
Event link
DC Blockchain Summit 2018
Event location: Washington D.C.
Event link
Crypto Investor Show 2018
Event location: London.
Event link
03/13/2018 – 03/15/2018
Money 20/20 Asia
Event location: Singapore.
Event link
03/15/2018 – 03/16/2018
Token Fest
Event location: San Francisco.
Event link
03/27/2018 - 03/28/2018
Event location: Moscow.
Event link
Deconomy 2018
Event location: Seoul.
Event link
04/17/2018 – 04/19/2018
Event location: Las Vegas.
Event link
Global Blockchain Summit
Event location: Denver.
Event link
04/23/2018 -04/24/2018
CryptoEconomy / ICO Mumbai
Event location: Mumbai.
Event link
d10e Astana
Event location: Astana.
Event link
06/27/2018 - 06/28.2018
Blockchain Expo
Event location: Amsterdam.
Event link
What are the key advantages of the W12 technology?

W12 technology offers the possibility to increase profit from investments in ICOs and projects at early stages by an average of tenfold or more.

How is an increase in ROI achieved?

W12 allows investors to purchase tokens at any stage of the ICO, and allows these investors to control the spending of project funds. If the project team does not perform according to the road map, or the team’s hypothesis did not work out the way it was expected, then investors may return their unused funds for reinvestment in other projects that appear more profitable. Therefore, the purchase of tokens using this model will produce on average 10 times more income compared to investment without application of this technology. Detailed calculations are given in whitepaper.

What makes W12 advantageous for teams and projects?

W12 enables teams to raise funds for implementation of their project without expenses and initial technical expertise. When keeping the funds raised in W12 tokens, the platform charge will be 0% during the project implementation stages. To launch an ICO and raise funds it is not necessary to create smart contracts, invite expensive consultants and use marketing policies, as all required functions are automated on the platform. By placing the project on the W12 the team can focus on the most important task – creation of the product.

Who stores all the funds raised by a project?

All funds raised by the project token sale are locked-up in a smart-contract. Although the team has no access to these funds until implementation of all declared stages in the road map and decision of token buyers.

Can a project sell its tokens on the W12 platform without using the phased disbursement of funds feature?

Yes, the project can organize its ICO and sell its tokens on W12 without the stage-wise issue of funds, but the official description of the project will contain a note for investors stating that this function is not being used. Projects which organize a token sale with the stage-wise issue enabled will have a higher rating, higher reliability for investors and are far more likely to raise the necessary amount.

When is the W12 token introduction on the exchange planned for?

W12 token is planned to enter the exchange upon completion of Crowd sale and until August 01, 2018.

Which kinds of projects can raise funds through the W12 platform?

First of all, the W12 platform is focused on the development of technology companies, but the possibilities of the platform go far beyond the limits of this field. Using W12 it is possible to implement projects in any field, from artificial intelligence startups, or enhancement of neural networks and asset tokenization, to construction of houses, mining farms, roads, restaurants, charitable and environmental projects and almost anything else. W12 technology is extremely convenient in all cases where it is possible to attract many investors from different geographic locations. The W12 platform allows excellent control over the funds allocated to the project team and ensures maximum liquidity of investments in the form of tokens for each project.

Do you plan to sell security tokens on the W12 platform?

Yes, we are awaiting legislation updates before we can incorporate this however. Projects intending to sell security tokens on W12 will need to meet the required practices established by the relevant regulatory authorities. Currently, all tokens available via the W12 platform are utility tokens for use within the ecosystem of each project. However, we expect in future we will list projects that offer tokens that can be exchanged for company shares upon completion of its development.

How can I buy W12 tokens?

Please fill in the form following this link to find detailed instructions on how to purchase Bitcoin, Etherium or any other permissible cryptocurrencies that can be used take part in the W12 token sale.

Join the W12 token sale!
Participate in creating a new architecture for the ICO and crypto industry.