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  • W12 is one of the main innovation in project financing;
  • W12 is the first place winner of the World Blockchain Forum competition, New York;
  • Finalists at IСOrace, Switzerland
  • Advisers: vice president and top manager of Ericsson, former vice president of Goldman Sachs
  • The first version of the product has already been developed
  • High rating
  • Highly experienced team
  • Tokens of founders, team and advisors are locked-up for 2 years
  • Unique token economy
  • Hard cap: 22 500 ETH
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What is W12?

Smart contracts Oracles Platform

W12 is creating a decentralized infrastructure in which parties do not need to trust each other.

The protocol uses blockchain technology to ensure the transparency and addressability of transactions, smart contracts and oracles to ensure the control of implementation of the main stages of the roadmap by the project. The W12 solution also includes mechanism for DAO creation and a platform that allows projects to raise funds via Token Sales without initial costs or special technical knowledge.

Oracles Milestones Oracles

Smart contracts release funds to any project only when they meet their milestones

Main markets for integration

- Security ICO

0,7 bl. in 2018
(Security tokens)

- Utility ICO

16 bl. in 2018
(Utility tokens)

- Crowdfunding

50 bl. USD in 2018
(Product tokens)

- Charity

733 bl. USD in 2018
(Charity tokens)

Security ICO
0.7 bl. USD(Security tokens)
Utility ICO
16 bl. USD(Utility tokens)
50 bl. USD(Product tokens)
733 bl. USD(Charity tokens)
projection in 2018

Market Validation

96.2% of ICOs in 2017 were too
risky or scams
40% of the funds are spent on transfers
and internal charity staffing costs

Business model

We have transaction model. No initial cost from project is required.

The more W12 tokens are used in transactions, the lower the commissions.

The size of the commission is based on the market for integration and project settings. Please find more detailed information in the W12 White paper.

Which problems do we solve?

  • SCAM or fraud;
  • High risks of transferring funds to projects at the early stage;

ICO market

According to Satis group research, around 5,67 bln. USD was invested in scams and failed early-stage projects


The biggest SCAM project stole 660 mln. USD in Vietnam

  • The lack of a mechanism for protecting crowd ICO investors and participants in charitable projects;
  • Lack of transparency and high costs when implementing charitable projects;


More than 50% of funds in Charity do not reach the recipient

12.5% — Staff training

12.5% — Admin costs

25% — Marketing

50% — Actual Charity


Use cases

Case 1. ICO market & Crowdfunding

We need to build a more responsible ICO Generation 2.0. Something like W12's smart contract is definitely needed. A system to buy ICO tokens with refund guarantee if the projects do not deliver on their milestonesAnders Larsson, Founder allcoinWiki



High risks involved in investing in projects at the early stages. Absence of infrastructure for simple, reliable conclusion of contracts and their execution.

There is no decentralized infrastructure ensuring that the contract will be executed depending on the achievement of the main milestones of its roadmap by the project.

According to research, only 3,8% of ICOs that finished their Token Sales are successfully trading


We have built smart contracts that release ICO funds to the project only
following the decision of its token buyers once the project meets its milestones.

This solution improves returns, because it is protects token buyers from around 96% of projects
that never reach any milestones.

Case 2. Charity

I am excited by the potential of cryptocurrencies and cryptogoods to change, and hopefully improve the way we raise funds for charity. Fred Wilson, partner at Union Square Ventures

Main Problems of The Charity Market

Lack of transparency

Up to 60% of the young generation
admits that transparency influences their decision to donate.

Intrusive charity advertisement Expensive admin costs

High marketing upfront costs and fund
transfer commissions make smaller
charities difficult to maintain

Am I making an impact?

A frequent question from those who are willing to donate.


To create a transparent, decentralized infrastructure, where one can track the targeted use of funds.

Thanks to the W12 protocol, any party can create a DAO organization of the type they need, set up its roadmap and determine the use of funds. Each participant will be able to track and control funds, and assess the impact of the contribution.

This solution significantly reduces administrative and marketing costs and allows raising more funds for charity and socially meaningful projects.

How it works

For example

| project name: ABC project | the name of the original token of the project: ABC | name of the secured W-token project: ABC-W
1The project fills the roadmap on the W12 platform, sets the settings for the amount and % of funds required for each stage.
2The project releases ABC tokens on the W12 platform or transfers some of the ABC tokens issued independently to the smart contract address of the W12 protocol blockchain.
3The W12 blockchain protocol produces ABC-W tokens in the amount of ABC tokens received.
4Users transfer funds to smart-contract address and receive ABC-W tokens.
5The funds are stored in the project DAO fund (smart contract) and are issued to the project to implement the roadmap stages.
6By purchasing ABC-W tokens, the user can:
  • Exchange ABC-W tokens to ABC tokens via W12 token-changer and, if desired, sell ABC tokens on the exchange (the project can set a period of freezing during which this exchange is prohibited).
  • Exchange ABC-W tokens for their own funds remaining in the project fund. The terms of exchange vary depending on the type of DAO.

The W12 protocol allows to set up
one of the three types of DAO


Each token buyer acts separately and independently in making a decision about the execution of milestones or reaching goals.


The execution of milestones is confirmed by independent oracles who are chosen randomly from the W12 network.


The execution of project milestones is confirmed by a 51% vote by project token buyers. The weight of a vote is proportional to the number of tokens purchased.

The project can issue tokens independently and sell only part of its tokens using the DAO and W12 protocol

This will allow the W12 platform to cooperate quickly with a large number of projects, thus helping it occupy a large market share.

10% Example of tokens share sold via the W12 platform

The W12 solution has already been recognized at a number of international conferences

1st place and the best ICO at World Blockchain Forum, New York

Finalist at Icorace, Switzerland (selected by a jury among 140 ICOs)

W12 was marked by Silicon Valley experts at the Blockchain Economic Forum, San Francisco

MVP is ready!

The Early pre-sale: done

Soft cap reached

Hard cap: 22,500 ETH

The token sale is live!

All tokens not sold during the token sale will be burned forever. Tokens allocated to the team, founders and advisers are frozen by a smart contract for 2 years.

W12 Token Economy

  • The W12 token is standard for funding projects via W12 protocol and decentralized organizations
  • Projects independently choose in which cryptocurrency the raised funds will be stored in. The more W12 tokens are used, the lower the service commission the project pays;

  • For example: if project funding is not less than 50% in W12 tokens — the commission is 0 / 30% — the commission is 6% / 0% — the commission is 10%;

  • W12 tokens allow users to buy the tokens of any project listed on the W12 platform;
  • The token will be used as fuel in the decentralized oracle network;
  • W12 tokens are used to reward oracles. Oracles will need W12 tokens in staсks to confirm transaction in network and the execution of milestones and receive rewards from the network.


Advantages for participating in the W12 ICO

When purchasing tokens during the ICO, you get a premium expert account, which grants you the ability to receive tokens from hundreds of other ICO projects that have launched their ICOs on the W12 Platform.

Accounts are valid for 2 years. After this period, it will be possible to prolong the premium membership. 50% of the commission paid in each project's tokens for holding their ICOs on the platform will be distributed among premium accounts. In order to receive tokens from ICO projects, premium account holders must rate the project in their personal accounts on the W12 Platform.

The table shows the total number of premium accounts available. If there are no more available premium accounts in any category, the corresponding column will not be shown in the table.

The number of tokens you receive changes depending on the account level. For example, having a Gold account grants you the right to receive 10 times more tokens than a Bronze account.

Terms and conditions for additional bonuses

Account type steel bronze silver gold platinum diamond
Number of accounts available 3357 978 324 108 36 12
Number of tokens (dependent on account level) 0,5X 1X 3,3X 10X 33,3X 100X
Purchase 15-30 of September, 2018 1.95 ETH 3.9 ETH 13 ETH 39 ETH 130 ETH 390 ETH
Purchase 1-15 of October, 2018 2.1 ETH 4.2 ETH 14 ETH 42 ETH 140 ETH 420 ETH
Purchase during the crowd sale stage from 2.5 ETH 5 ETH 17 ETH 50 ETH 167 ETH 500 ETH
Number of accounts available Number of tokens (dependent on account level) Purchase 15-30 of September, 2018 Purchase 1-15 of October, 2018 Purchase during the crowd sale stage from
STEEL 3357 0,5X 1.95 ETH 2.1 ETH 2.5 ETH
bronze 978 1X 3.9 ETH 4.2 ETH 5 ETH
silver 324 3,3X 13 ETH 14 ETH 17 ETH
gold 108 10X 39 ETH 42 ETH 50 ETH
platinum 36 33.3X 130 ETH 140 ETH 167 ETH
diamond 12 100X 390 ETH 420 ETH 500 ETH

Premium account holders also receive access to the private Presales of ICO projects using the W12 platform and can participate in the W12 Foundation.

These advantages are not provided if users purchase W12 tokens on an exchange or from any other third-party resources.

W12 token distribution
Token låse periode:

Tokens er frosne via smart kontrakt i 2 år med mulighed for maksimalt at frigive 1/3 af disse om året til:
- Team, rådgivere, stiftere
- Reservefond
- Tidlig langsigtede investorer

Token pris:

1 W12 = 0,00035 ETH. Rabatter gælder afhængigt af købsdatoen.

Accepterede betalingsformer:


Token overførsel:

W12 tokens vil blive overført til kunder gennem en smart kontrakt efter afslutningen af hver ICO fase. Du kan se de købte tokens og bekræftelse af transaktionen på din konto, umiddelbart efter køb

Token udbud:

Begrænset til 400 millioner tokens. Hverken mining eller nogen anden metode, muliggør en stigning i antallet af W12-tokens.

Hard Cap:

Hard Cap er fastsat i forhold til antallet af tokens i hver runde af token salget


20 millioner tokens (5,000 ETH)

Private sale

14,500 ETH


80 millioner tokens (25,000 ETH)


Alle token salgsrunder starter kl 12:00 UTC + 0.



D. 20. Maj, 2018

Slut dato:

D. 20. Juli, 2018



Token pris:

0,0002625 ETH - 0,0002975 ETH

Hard cap:

20 millioner W12 tokens

Private sale


August 1, 2018

Slut dato:

October 15, 2018 or when hard cap is reached (whichever is earliest)



Token pris:

0.0002975 ETH - 0.0003325 ETH

Hard cap:

14,500 ETH



D. 27. Juli, 2018

Slut dato:

D. 27. September, 2018

Token pris:

0,000315 ETH - 0,00035 ETH

Hard cap:

80 millioner W12 tokens

I Forsalget og Hovedsalgs faserne, øges købsprisen for en token ensartet dagligt og svarer til rabatbeløbet i starten og slutningen af en fase. W12 forbeholder sig ret til at tilbyde en reduceret pris for W12 tokens til langsigtede institutionelle og strategiske token købere.

Token Salg


Fra D. 1. November, 2018

Hver dag vil en smart kontrakt producere og sælge 3.500.000 tokens (0,035% af det samlede udbud) i 1000 dage. Token værdien ved token salget bestemmes ved hjælp af formlen Pris = K / 3.500.000, hvor K = antallet af midler der bliver overført til en smart kontrakt pr. dag. Token salget bliver gennemført for at sikre, at W12 platformen og W12 blockchain protokollen fungerer korrekt. For at undgå en situation, hvor der ikke er flere W12 token sælgere,vil en tokens værdi stige uendelig, eller indtil det maksimale antal private investorer er tilknyttet platformen.

Current distribution volume

Hard cap: 22,500 ETH

Soft cap: 3,000 ETH (complete)

Cost of 1 W12 Token: 0.00035 ETH

Know Your Customer (KYC): yes

Min Personal Cap: 1.5 ETH (or equivalent)

Token type: Ethereum ERC20

Oleg Sharpatyy
COO and Founder. Serial entrepreneur in IT. Oleg has a passion for creating projects with great impact. He believes in the concept of decentralization, according to which we don’t need More
Andrey Granovskiy
CEO & Founder. Entrepreneur and IT developer. Main areas: IT and blockchain development. In the past Andrey has built a leading online marketplace (with over 500,000 customers and 50+ More
Michael Korneev
CTO. 10+ years of experience in lead tech and blockchain development. Author of Python and Solidity courses for IT developers. Founder of a company in the machine learning More
David Kuhl
Business Development Director, Zürich, Switzerland. David has 18 years of experience in International Sales Management at the Listed Cyber Security Nasdaq company and was More
Aleksandr Tikhonov
Head of marketing. Entrepreneur. 5+ years of experience in internet marketing and online automation. Founder of an email marketing agency as well as author of email marketing More
Rodion Nikiforov
IT specialist. 7+ years in web platform development, founder of Hyperion web studio - over 140 successful More
Kirill Khoroshilov
Front-end developer. A front-end development specialist for Dapps (decentralized applications) using Vue.js (the progressive JavaScript framework) and React.js (JavaScript More
Vlad Portnoy
Front-end developer. A specialist in the development of website front-ends and mobile applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. He has extensive experience in building the client architecture More
Valery Platonov
Senior developer. Valery has been developing software since 2003, his first site was created on a home video game system called the Sega Dreamcast. He is the founder of several projects More
Ibrahim Tletseri
Art director. Founder of top design studio, 10+ years of experience in web design and UX/UI. Experienced in design and development user friendly interface for web platforms and mobile More
Nelly Pankovichenko
IR and business development. Experienced in building relationships with family offices and businesses in 12+ countries. Has strong communication skills and extraordinary More
Savilya Akhmedova
Business development. Ex CEO of IT company level up solutions. PwC consultant. Performed blockchain research for the International school of business about investments in More
Spyros Kekos
Greek Community Manager. I have acquired in-depth knowledge of the crypto ecosystem through my entire career as professional Community and Bounty Manager. Can More
Ryan Fadhila N
Indonesian Community Manager. More than 10 years experience in Forex trading, coaching and building fx traders community. Co-founder at SmartFX Management & Community More
Pablo Gontijo Cota
Portuguese Community Manager. Enterpreneur. 5+ years of experience in business management/personal resources. Founder of Invista Criptomoedas, IT More
Ze Dong
Chinese Community Manager & Translator in English and Chinese. Master of Financial Mathematics. Having wide experiences in Chinese Managing Community and professional More
Jatin Kapadia
Hindi Community Manager. Community Manager & Chief Expert (Basis Neuro). Community manager & PR Expert ( Community Manager & PR Expert (GAM). Advisor More
Gamals Ahmed
German Community Manager and German Translator. Local Moderator for two famous Crypto discussion forums. Team Leader in Management, Translation and Promotion in three More
Mamoun Jamaladdin
Arab Community Manager. I am passionate about Crypto world , Trading and Community Management Promotion. I am a community manager and promoting professional More
Kornel Gajewski
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Phan Khuong
Vietnamese Community Manager and Translator. Adept at working effectively to achieve goals both as a cross-functional team member or individual contributor. Enthusiastic More
Adrian Soreanu
Romanian Community Manager and Crypto Enthusiast. Adrian has a passion for Blockchain technology. He is licensed in Robotics by Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics More
JungHyun Chae
Korean Community Manager & Promotion (VIT, Dispatch Labs). CO-Founder of Kryptico ( Translator (specialized in Whitepaper, Website, Onepager, etc.) More
Our advisors
Anders Larsson
Blockchain & Tehnical Advisor (Vice President of Ericsson. Included in the world's top 5 blockchain advisors). Anders has worked for two decades to create the emerging More
Rennie Sng
Ex-Citibanker. Asia's 1st Crypto Fund Advisor. Ex-Citibanker, Assets Under Management circa USD 200,000,000, ranked Top 2% amongst his Citibanker peers. 17+ years More
Chintan Thakkar
Former Vice President of Goldman Sachs, NYC. Chintan is a passionate about leveraging tech driven solutions to make a global impact and empower individuals and enterprises. More
Joakim Holmer
Marketing, branding & Business development Advisor (AllcoinWiki founder. Ex Ericsson top executive). Marketing, Branding & Business development Advisor More
Roadmap of the project

Kvartal IV, 2017

Kundeudvikling, markedsundersøgelser, projekt konceptudvikling

Hold samling

Udvikling af platformsarkitektur

Udvikling af referencerammen og start af markedsplads udviklingen


I Kvartal, 2018

alpha version af W12 markedspladsen

Udvikling af referencerammen og W12 blockchain prototypen

Udgive 100+ projekter på markedspladsen

Lave et projekt bedømmelsessystem

Oprettelse af træningsvejledning til token købere

Oprettelse af en destinationsside til W12 crowdsalget

Virksomhedsregistrering i Singapore


II Kvartal, 2018

Start oprettelsen af et W12-fællesskab

Start registrering af W12 tokens købere på ventelisten

Udvikling af smart kontrakter til W12 crowdsalget

Start W12 forsalget

Udvikling af W12 blockchain-protokolblokken til udstedelse og salg af projekt tokens (med en trinvis penge-frigivelses-funktion):

Smart kontrakter til udstedelse af sikrede Tokens-W af projektet

Smart kontrakter til pengeforvaltning for et projekt med en mekanisme til at skabe en diversificeret kurv og trin for trin penge problem

Web-interface til W12 markedspladsen, som projekterne kan udfylde med oplysninger og parametrene for deres hovedsalg

En tjeneste, der bekræfter transaktioner i blockchain (BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, ETC)

Test af W12 markedspladsen

Start rangering af projekter på baggrund af platformens brugere

Udvikling af nye funktioner til markedspladsen (bounty konto, færdiggørelse af personlig konto)

Oprettelse og A/B-spiltest af højkonverterende destinationssider til registrering af token købere og projekter på platformen

Udgivelse af 300+ projekter på markedspladsen

Taler ved konferencer


III Kvartal, 2018

Reklame og PR kampagne for W12 markedspladsen og salget af W12 tokens

Taler ved konferencer

Start W12 crowdsalget

Udvikling af yderligere funktioner til W12-protokollen

Udvikling af webgrænsefladen for blockchain-protokollen til køb af Tokens-W, refundering af penge fra fonden, veksling af Tokens-W til Simple Tokens

Automatiseret tilslutning af nye projekter

Mulighed for at sætte Tokens-W fra projekter op til gensalg (efter refundering af penge fra fonden)

Udvikling af den fleksible token frysnings funktion (token køberen kan annullere frysningen, men mister deres rabat)

Test af W12 blockchain-protokollen

Revision af W12 blockchain-protokollen

Revision af W12 platformens sikkerhedssystem

Udvikling af yderligere funktioner til W12 markedspladsen, tilføjelse af betalte tjenester til projekterne

Lancering af W12 markedspladsen i en beta version

Reklame og PR kampagne for W12 markedspladsen

Færdiggørelse af partnerskabsaftaler med private eksperter og kreditvurderingsbureauer for ekspertvurdering af projekter på platformen


IV Kvartal, 2018

Notering af W12 token på børser

Tilføjelse af projekter til W12 platformen

Reklame og PR kampagne for W12 markedspladsen

Taler ved konferencer

Færdiggørelse af partnerskabsaftaler med fonde og syndikater

Starter udviklingen af en mobil markedsplads app til Android og iOS

Udvikling af arkitektur og rammebetingelser for børsen

Lancering af en komplet W12 blockchain-protokol

Lancering af tjenesten til at købe ETH for fiat valutaer (for at tillade yderligere køb af projekt tokens med ETH)


I Kvartal, 2019

Tilføjelse af projekter til W12 platformen

Reklame og PR kampagne for W12 markedspladsen

Test og revision af sikkerheden for W12 mobil appen til Android og iOS

Første version af mobil markedsplads appen til Android og iOS

Test reklamekampagne for mobil markedsplads appen til Android og iOS

Starter udviklingen af børs for at give likviditet og gratis token notering til projekter, der afslutter deres ICO på W12 platformen

Organisering af en række W12 konferencer og arrangementer rundt om i verden for at tiltrække token købere og projekter til platformen

Underskriver partnerskabsaftaler med kryptovaltua børser

Lancering af tjeneste for køb af tokens med de store kryptovalutaer og fiat-valutaer

Lancering af et scoringssystem, hvor vægten af ekspert- eller kreditvurderingsbureauets vurdering, bestemmes ud fra resultaterne af deres prognoser

Reklame- og PR-kampagne for markedspladsen og mobilappen


II Kvartal, 2019

Tilføjelse af projekter til W12 platformen

Advertising and PR campaign for the platform and mobile app

W12 konferencer

Fuldt udviklet mobil markedsplads app til Android og iOS

Løbende udvikling af børs- og PAMM-konti, tilføjelse af nye funktioner på platformen og i mobilappen

Start udviklingen af W12 cross-blockchain-protokollen


III Kvartal, 2019

Tilføjelse af projekter til W12 platformen

Advertising and PR campaign for the platform and mobile app

W12 konferencer

Løbende udvikling af børs- og PAMM-konti, tilføjelse af nye funktioner på platformen og i mobilappen

Test og revision af børs og PAMM konti

Test og revision af W12 cross-blockchain-protokollen


IV Kvartal, 2019

Tilføjelse af projekter til W12 platformen

Reklame- og PR-kampagne for markedspladsen og mobilappen

W12 konferencer

Lancering af egen børs og platform til oprettelse af PAMM-konti (pengeoverførsel til trust management).

Lancering af W12 cross-blockchain-protokollen


W12 Road Show

10/28/2017 — 10/31/2017

d10e — Gibraltar

10/31/2017 — 11/01/2017

BEF — New York

11/11/2017 — 11/14/2017

D10 — Davos


Skolokovo crypto conference — Moscow

03/03/2018— 03/06/2018

D10 — Seoul

04/04/2018 — 04/06/2018

Block to the future —
San Francisco


Start Engine Summit —
Los Angeles


Synergy chain —
San Francisco


Token economy
— Singapore

06/06/2018 — 06/07/2018

ICO Race — Switzerland


Token economy — Seoul

07/04/2018 — 07/05/2018

Token sky — Seoul

07/11/2018 — 07/13/2018

World Blockchain Forum —
New York

07/16/2018 — 07/19/2018

BEF — San Francisco


Becon — Malta


Becon — Amsterdam

07/21/2018 — 07/22/2018

Shenzhen, China


Token economy
— Singapore

09/11/2018 —09/17/2018

Coins bank blockchain cruise — Mediterian

09/19/2018 —09/20/2018

Consensus — Singapore

09/10/2018 — 09/13/2018

Futurama summit — Ibiza

Coinagenda Global

Coinagenda Global —
Las Vegas

10/29/2018 — 11/02/2018

Coinagenda Global
— Las Vegas

You choose the project, transfer funds and the contract is automatically executed without the need to trust the counterparty or any other external institutions.

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