reduces risks, protects against scams, removes the need for third parties, increases transparency in the Charity / ICO / STO / Crowdfunding markets.

First AirDrop for premium account holders!
Tokens of projects hosted on W12 Protocol for amount of 2300 ETH!
Dec 14, 2018

Register for the Token Sale to get W12 tokens and purchase tokens of other projects via protected model

Your IP address is from the USA. Citizens and residents of the United States are prohibited from using W12 platform to purchase tokens.
Token price 0,00035 ETH
Raised: 6489,84 ETH
  • 1st place & The Best ICO Project, World Blockchain Forum, New York
  • Strong diversified team of developers, advisors from Goldman Sachs, Ericson, Citibank
  • Tokens de fundadores, equipo y asesores están encerrados durante 2 años

¿Qué es W12?

Contratos inteligentes Oráculos Plataforma

W12 is creating a decentralized infrastructure in which parties do not need to trust each other.

The protocol uses blockchain technology to ensure the transparency and addressability of transactions, smart contracts and oracles to ensure the control of implementation of the main stages of the roadmap by the project. The W12 solution also includes mechanism for DAO creation and a platform that allows projects to raise funds via Token Sales without initial costs or special technical knowledge.

Oráculos Objetivos Oráculos

Smart contracts release funds to any project only when they meet their milestones.

Mercados principales para la integración


16 bl. en 2018
(tokens de utilidad)

- Crowdfunding

50 bl. USD en 2018
(Tokens de productos)

- Caridad

733 bl. USD en 2018
(tokens de caridad)

16 bl. USD(Tokens de utilidad)
50 bl. USD(Tokens de producto)
733 bl. Dólar estadounidense(Tokens de Caridad)
proyección en 2018

Market Validation

96.2% of ICOs in 2017 were too
risky or scams
40% of the funds are spent on transfers
and internal charity staffing costs
Source: givingusa.org

Modelo comercial

We have transaction model. No initial cost from project is required.

The more W12 tokens are used in transactions, the lower the commissions.

The size of the commission is based on the market for integration and project settings. Please find more detailed information in the W12 White paper.

Which problems do we solve?

  • SCAM or fraud;
  • High risks of transferring funds to projects at the early stage;

ICO market

Según la investigación del grupo Satis, alrededor de 5,67 mln. USD se invirtió en estafas y proyectos fallidos en etapa inicial

source: bitcoin.com

The biggest SCAM project stole 660 mln. USD in Vietnam

source: techcrunch.com
  • The lack of a mechanism for protecting crowd ICO investors and participants in charitable projects;
  • Lack of transparency and high costs when implementing charitable projects.


More than 50% of funds in Charity do not reach the recipient

12.5% - Formación del personal

12.5% - Costos administrativos

25% — Marketing

50% - Caridad real

source: telegraph.co.uk

Casos de uso

Caso 1. Mercado ICO & Crowdfunding

We need to build a more responsible ICO Generation 2.0. Something like W12's smart contract is definitely needed. A system to buy ICO tokens with refund guarantee if the projects do not deliver on their milestones.Anders Larsson, fundador de allcoinWiki



High risks involved in investing in projects at the early stages. Absence of infrastructure for simple, reliable conclusion of contracts and their execution.

There is no decentralized infrastructure ensuring that the contract will be executed depending on the achievement of the main milestones of its roadmap by the project.

Según la investigación, solo el 3,8% de las ICO que terminaron sus ventas de Token se están comercializando con éxito


We have built smart contracts that release ICO funds to the project only
following the decision of its token buyers once the project meets its milestones.

This solution improves returns, because it is protects token buyers from around 96% of projects
that never reach any milestones.

Caso 2. Caridad

I am excited by the potential of cryptocurrencies and cryptogoods to change, and hopefully improve the way we raise funds for charity. Fred Wilson, partner at Union Square Ventures

Main Problems of The Charity Market

Falta de transparencia

Up to 60% of the young generation
admits that transparency influences their decision to donate.

Anuncio de caridad intrusivo Costos administrativos caros

High marketing upfront costs and fund
transfer commissions make smaller
charities difficult to maintain

¿Estoy causando un impacto?

Una pregunta frecuente de aquellos que están dispuestos a donar.


To create a transparent, decentralized infrastructure, where one can track the targeted use of funds.

Thanks to the W12 protocol, any party can create a DAO organization of the type they need, set up its roadmap and determine the use of funds. Each participant will be able to track and control funds, and assess the impact of the contribution.

This solution significantly reduces administrative and marketing costs and allows raising more funds for charity and socially meaningful projects.

How it works

For example

| project name: ABC project | the name of the original token of the project: ABC | name of the secured W-token project: ABC-W
1The project fills the roadmap on the W12 platform, sets the settings for the amount and % of funds required for each stage.
2The project releases ABC tokens on the W12 platform or transfers some of the ABC tokens issued independently to the smart contract address of the W12 protocol blockchain.
3The W12 blockchain protocol produces ABC-W tokens in the amount of ABC tokens received.
4Users transfer funds to smart-contract address and receive ABC-W tokens.
5The funds are stored in the project DAO fund (smart contract) and are issued to the project to implement the roadmap stages.
6Al comprar tokens ABC-W, el usuario puede:
  • Exchange ABC-W tokens to ABC tokens via W12 token-changer and, if desired, sell ABC tokens on the exchange (the project can set a period of freezing during which this exchange is prohibited).
  • Exchange ABC-W tokens for their own funds remaining in the project fund. The terms of exchange vary depending on the type of DAO.

The W12 protocol allows to set up
one of the three types of DAO


Cada comprador de tokens actúa por separado e independientemente al tomar una decisión sobre la ejecución de los objetivos o el logro de los objetivos.


The execution of milestones is confirmed by independent oracles who are chosen randomly from the W12 network.


The execution of project milestones is confirmed by a 51% vote by project token buyers. The weight of a vote is proportional to the number of tokens purchased.

The project can issue tokens independently and sell only part of its tokens using the DAO and W12 protocol

This will allow the W12 platform to cooperate quickly with a large number of projects, thus helping it occupy a large market share.

10% Example of tokens share sold via the W12 platform

La solución W12 ya ha sido reconocida en una serie de conferencias internacionales

1er lugar y la mejor ICO en World Blockchain Forum, Nueva York

Finalista ​​b> en Icorace, Suiza (seleccionado por un jurado entre 140 ICO)

W12 was marked by Silicon Valley experts at the Blockchain Economic Forum, San Francisco

Product is ready!

La preventa anticipada: completada b>

Soft cap alcanzado

¡La venta de tokens ha iniciado!

Todos los tokens que no se vendan durante la venta de tokens serán quemados para siempre. Los tokens asignados al equipo, los fundadores y los asesores están congelados por un contrato inteligente durante 2 años.

Econimia de Tokens W12

  • W12 Tokens allow users to purchase tokens from other projects using the W12 protocol via the secure token sale model
  • W12 tokens allow you to buy tokens of other projects placed on our platform with a significant discount. This feature will be available in the second version of the platform, it is fully ready and under security audit and will be updated in the near future.
  • The collected funds will be converted into W12 Tokens in case a project selects the given method to reduce commissions.
  • The project independently chooses which cryptocurrency the collected funds will be converted to for storage in the project fund. The more W12 Tokens are used by the project, the lower the commission.

  • For example: if project funding is not less than 50% in W12 tokens — the commission is 0 / 30% — the commission is 6% / 0% — the commission is 10%;

  • W12 Tokens are used as fuel in a decentralized network of oracles
  • Los tokens W12 se usan para recompensar oráculos. Los oráculos necesitarán tokens W12 en llas pilas para confirmar la transacción en la red y la ejecución de objetivos y recibir recompensas de la red.


Ventajas de participar en la ICO W12

Al comprar tokens durante el ICO, obtiene una cuenta experta premium, que le otorga la capacidad de recibir tokens de cientos de otros proyectos de ICO que han lanzado sus ICO en la plataforma W12.

Las cuentas son válidas por 2 años. Después de este período, será posible prolongar la membresía premium. El 50% de la comisión pagada en los tokens de cada proyecto para mantener sus ICO en la plataforma se distribuirá entre las cuentas premium. Para recibir los tokens de los proyectos de ICO, los titulares de cuentas premium deben calificar el proyecto en sus cuentas personales en la Plataforma W12.

La tabla muestra el número total de cuentas premium disponibles. Si no hay más cuentas premium disponibles en ninguna categoría, la columna correspondiente no se mostrará en la tabla.

The number of tokens you receive changes depending on the account level. For example, having a Gold account grants you the right to receive 10 times more tokens than a Bronze account.

First AirDrop

First AirDrop for premium account holders! Tokens of projects hosted on W12 Protocol for amount of 2300 ETH! Dec 14, 2018

Apply now

Términos y condiciones para bonos adicionales

Tipo de cuenta Número de tokens (depende del nivel de la cuenta) Compra durante la etapa de venta de público de
GREEN 0,25Х 1.25 ETH
STEEL 0,5X 2.5 ETH
BRONZE + 2,2Х 10.75 ETH
SILVER + 6,7X 33.25 ETH
GOLD + 21,7X 108.25 ETH
Número de tokens (depende del nivel de la cuenta) Compra durante la etapa de venta de público de
GREEN 0,25Х 1.25 ETH
STEEL 0,5X 2.5 ETH
BRONZE + 2,2Х 10.75 ETH
SILVER + 6,7X 33.25 ETH
GOLD + 21,7X 108.25 ETH

Premium account holders also receive access to the private Presales of ICO projects using the W12 platform and can participate in the W12 Foundation.

Estas ventajas no se proporcionan si los usuarios compran tokens W12 en un intercambio o de cualquier otro recurso de terceros.

How to buy W12 Tokens
How to buy Bitcoin on Localbitcoins
How to create Jaxx wallet

Distribución de tokens W12
Período para contención del token:

Los tokens congelados mediante el contrato inteligente por 2 años, con la posibilidad de distribuir no más de un 1/3 de este por año al:
- Equipo, asesores, fundadores Fondo de reserva
- Inversores tempranos - a largo plazo

Precio del token:

1 W12 = 0,00035 ETH. Los descuentos aplican dependiendo de la fecha para compra.

Formas de pago aceptadas:


Transferencia de tokens:

Los tokens W12 serán transferidos a los clientes mediante un contrato inteligente, después del fin de cada fase ICO. Puedes revisar los tokens recibidos y una confirmación de la transacción en tu cuenta inmediatamente después de la compra.

Emisión de Tokens:

Limitado a 400 de millones de tokens. Ni minería ni ningún otro método que permita un incremento en el numero de tokens W12 podrá ser aplicado.

Hard Cap:

El Hard cap es puesto con base en el número de tokens en cada ronda de la venta de tokens

Venta al publico


Noviembre 1, del 2018

Fecha de finalización:

Diciembre 12, del 2018 o cuando el hard cap sea alcanzado (lo que ocurra primero)

Precio del token:

0,00035 ETH

Volumen de distribución actual

Hard Cap: 22,500 ETH

Soft cap: 3.000 ETH (completado)

Costo de 1 Token W12: 0.00035 ETH

Conozca a su cliente (KYC):

Minimo Capital Personal: 1.5 ETH (o equivalente)

Tipo de token: Ethereum ERC20

Oleg Sharpatyy
COO y Fundador. Emprendedor en serie en TI. Oleg tiene una pasión para crear proyectos con gran impacto. Él cree en el concepto de descentralización, según el cual no necesitamos Más
Andrey Granovskiy
CEO & Fundador. Emprendedor y desarrollador de TI. Principales áreas: desarrollo de TI y blockchain. En el pasado, Andrey creó un mercado en línea líder (con más de 500,000 clientes y más de 50) Más
Michael Korneev
CTO. Más de 10 años de experiencia en tecnología líder y desarrollo de blockchain. Autor de los cursos Python y Solidity para desarrolladores de TI. Fundador de una empresa en el aprendizaje automático Más
David Kuhl
Director de Desarrollo Comercial, Zürich, Suiza. David tiene 18 años de experiencia en Gestión de Ventas Internacionales en la empresa cibernética de seguridad listada Nasdaq y era Más
Aleksandr Tikhonov
Jefe de Marketing. Empresario. Más de 5 años de experiencia en marketing en internet y automatización en línea. Fundador de una agencia de marketing por correo electrónico y autor de marketing por correo electrónico Más
Rodion Nikiforov
Especialista en TI. Más de 7 años en el desarrollo de plataformas web, fundador del estudio web Hyperion: más de 140 exitosos Más
Kirill Khoroshilov
Desarrollador front-end. Un especialista en desarrollo front-end para Dapps (aplicaciones descentralizadas) utilizando Vue.js (el marco de JavaScript progresivo) y React.js (JavaScript Más
Vlad Portnoy
Desarrollador front-end. Un especialista en el desarrollo de front-ends de sitios web y aplicaciones móviles usando HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Tiene una amplia experiencia en la construcción de la arquitectura del cliente Más
Valery Platonov
Desarrollador Senior. Valery ha estado desarrollando software desde 2003, su primer sitio fue creado en un sistema de video casero llamado Sega Dreamcast. Él es el fundador de varios proyectos Más
Ibrahim Tletseri
Director de arte. Fundador del estudio de diseño superior, más de 10 años de experiencia en diseño web y UX / UI. Experiencia en el diseño y desarrollo de interfaz amigable para el usuario para plataformas web y dispositivos móviles Más
Nelly Pankovichenko
IR y desarrollo empresarial. Experiencia en la construcción de relaciones con oficinas familiares y empresas en más de 12 países. Tiene fuertes habilidades de comunicación y extraordinaria Más
Savilya Akhmedova
Desarrollo de negocios. Ex CEO de soluciones de nivel de empresa de TI. Consultor de PwC Investigación blockchain realizada para la escuela internacional de negocios sobre inversiones en Más
Spyros Kekos
Greek Community Manager. I have acquired in-depth knowledge of the crypto ecosystem through my entire career as professional Community and Bounty Manager. Can Más
Ryan Fadhila N
Indonesian Community Manager. More than 10 years experience in Forex trading, coaching and building fx traders community. Co-founder at SmartFX Management & Community Más
Pablo Gontijo Cota
Portuguese Community Manager. Enterpreneur. 5+ years of experience in business management/personal resources. Founder of Invista Criptomoedas, IT Más
Ze Dong
Chinese Community Manager & Translator in English and Chinese. Master of Financial Mathematics. Having wide experiences in Chinese Managing Community and professional Más
Rahul Singh
Hindi Community Manager and Blockchain Enthusiast. Completed Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic and Communication and Stepping foot towards the Blockchain Más
Gamals Ahmed
German Community Manager and German Translator. Local Moderator for two famous Crypto discussion forums. Team Leader in Management, Translation and Promotion in three Más
Kornel Gajewski
Polish Community Manager | MD | Translator. Having tried his luck in internet sales, Kornel moved on to other things. Fluent in English, he provides translation services as a hobby Más
Phan Khuong
Vietnamese Community Manager and Translator. Adept at working effectively to achieve goals both as a cross-functional team member or individual contributor. Enthusiastic Más
Adrian Soreanu
Romanian Community Manager and Crypto Enthusiast. Adrian has a passion for Blockchain technology. He is licensed in Robotics by Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics Más
JungHyun Chae
Korean Community Manager & Promotion (VIT, Dispatch Labs). CO-Founder of Kryptico (Kryptico.kr). Translator (specialized in Whitepaper, Website, Onepager, etc.) Más
Nuestros asesores
Anders Larsson
Blockchain & Tehnical Advisor (Vicepresidente de Ericsson. Incluido en los 5 principales asesores de Blockchain del mundo). Anders ha trabajado durante dos décadas para crear lo emergente Más
Rennie Sng
Ex-Citibanker. 1er Asesor del Fondo Cripto de Asia. Ex-Citibanker, Assets Under Management alrededor de USD 200,000,000, ocupó el Top 2% entre sus pares Citibanker. Más de 17 años Más
Chintan Thakkar
Ex Vicepresidente de Goldman Sachs, NYC. Chintan es un apasionado de aprovechar las soluciones impulsadas por la tecnología para generar un impacto global y potenciar a las personas y las empresas. Más
Joakim Holmer
Marketing, branding & Asesor de desarrollo empresarial (fundador de AllcoinWiki, Ex máximo ejecutivo de Ericsson). Marketing, Branding & Asesor de desarrollo empresarial Más
Hoja de ruta del proyecto

IV, 2017

Customer development, market research, project concept development

Team gathering

Platform architecture development

Development of the terms of reference and start of the marketplace development


Quarter I, 2018

W12 marketplace alpha version

Development of the terms of reference and the W12 blockchain protocol prototype

Publishing 100+ projects in the marketplace

Creating a project ranking system

Creating training guide for token buyers

Creating a landing page for the W12 crowd sale

Company registration in Singapore


Quarter II, 2018

Start creating a W12 community

Start registering W12 tokens buyers in the White list

Development of smart contracts for the W12 crowd sale

Start W12 pre-sale

Development of the W12 blockchain protocol block for the issue and sale of project tokens (with a step by step money issue function):

Smart contracts for the issue of secured Tokens-W by the project

Smart contracts for the project money keeping fund with a mechanism for creating a diversified basket and step by step money issue

Web interface in the W12 marketplace for the projects to fill out the information and parameters of their crowd sale

A service confirming transactions in the blockchain (BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, ETC)

Testing the W12 marketplace

Start ranking projects by the platform users

Development of new functions in the marketplace (bounty account, finalization of personal account)

Creation and A/B testing of high conversion landing pages for registering token buyers and projects on the platform

Publishing 300+ projects in the marketplace

Speeches at conferences


Quarter III, 2018

Advertising and PR campaign of the W12 marketplace and sales of W12 tokens

Development of additional functions of the W12 protocol

Development of the web interface for the blockchain protocol for the purchase of Tokens-W, returning money from the fund, the exchange of Tokens-W to Simple Tokens

Automated connection of new projects

Opportunity to put the Tokens-W from projects up for re-sale (after returning money from the fund)

Development of the flexible token freezing function (the token buyer may cancel the freezing losing their discount)

Testing the W12 blockchain protocol

Auditing the W12 blockchain protocol

Auditing the W12 platform security system

Development of additional W12 marketplace features, adding paid services for projects

Launching the W12 marketplace beta version

Advertising and PR campaign for the W12 marketplace


Quarter IV, 2018

Crowdsale W12

Adding projects to the W12 platform

Advertising and PR campaign for the W12 platform

Concluding partnership agreements with funds and syndicates

Launching a full-featured W12 blockchain protocol

Concluding partnership agreements with private experts and rating agencies in order to conduct an expert scoring of projects presented on the platform


Quarter I, 2019

W12 listing on exchanges

Adding projects to the W12 platform

Advertising and PR campaign for the W12 platform

Starting development of the W12 mobile app for Android and iOS

Development of additional functions of blockchain protocol W12

Organization of a series of conferences around the world to attract token-buyers and projects to the platform.

Organizing a series of W12 conferences and events around the world to attract token buyers and projects to the platform

Signing partnership agreements with cryptocurrency exchanges

Launching the service for purchasing ETH using fiat currencies (for further purchase of projects’ tokens with ETH)

Launching a scoring system where the weight of the expert or rating agency evaluation is determined by the results of its forecasts

Advertising and PR campaign for the marketplace and mobile app


Quarter II, 2019

Testing and security audit of the mobile app of W12 marketplace for Android and IOS.

First version of the mobile app for Android and IOS

Test advertising campaign of mobile app for Android and IOS

Adding projects to the W12 platform

Advertising and PR campaign for the platform and mobile app

W12 conferences

Launch of service for token purchase with major crypto and fiat currencies.

Adding new features on the platform and in the mobile app

Starting development of the W12 cross-blockchain protocol


Quarter III, 2019

Full-features mobile marketplace app for Android and IOS

Adding projects to the W12 platform

Advertising and PR campaign for the platform and mobile app

W12 conferences

Adding new features on the platform and in the mobile app

Testing and auditing the W12 cross-blockchain protocol consensus


Quarter IV, 2019

Adding projects to the W12 platform

Advertising and PR campaign of the platform and mobile app

W12 conferences

Launching the W12 cross-blockchain protocol

Road Show W12

10/28/2017 — 10/31/2017

d10e — Gibraltar

10/31/2017 — 11/01/2017

BEF — Nueva York

11/11/2017 — 11/14/2017

D10 — Davos


Skolokovo crypto conference — Moscú

03/03/2018— 03/06/2018

D10 — Seúl

04/04/2018 — 04/06/2018

Block to the future —
San Francisco


Start Engine Summit —
Los Angeles


Synergy chain —
San Francisco


Token economy
— Singapur

06/06/2018 — 06/07/2018

ICO Race — Suiza


Token economy — Seúl

07/04/2018 — 07/05/2018

Token sky — Seúl

07/11/2018 — 07/13/2018

World Blockchain Forum —
Nueva York

07/16/2018 — 07/19/2018

BEF — San Francisco


Becon — Malta


Becon — Amsterdam

07/21/2018 — 07/22/2018

Shenzhen, China


Token economy
— Singapur

09/11/2018 —09/17/2018

Coins bank blockchain cruise — Mediterráneo

09/19/2018 —09/20/2018

Consensus — Singapur

09/10/2018 — 09/13/2018

Futurama summit — Ibiza

Coinagenda Global

Coinagenda Global —
Las Vegas

10/29/2018 — 11/02/2018

Coinagenda Global
— Las Vegas

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